Kaiju Kablooey

September 2021 - April 2022

Gameplay Programmer

A Virtual Reality game where you play as a giant monster and destroy a city within the time limit.

Worked primarily on the destruction system and implementing sound into the game through Wwise, but had my hand in a large number of the systems throughout the game. It didn't quite get where I wanted it to get before graduation unfortunately.

Main Contributions:

  • Implemented the destruction mechanic

  • Implemented Wwise into the game and inserted the provided audio into it

Building destruction in action

A view of the people on the streets

Breath attack being used on buildings

Froggy's Farm and Friends

February 2021 - April 2021

General Programmer and Tech Lead

A relaxing farming game where you play as a frog going around and harvesting crops and finding friends.

Joined mid project and worked as one of two programmers on the team, where I spent most of my time helping all the designers with Unreal blueprints and C++ code, helped to fix a variety of bugs, and managed the technical side of the project. This one is available on Steam.

Main Contributions:

  • Worked with the designers to assist them with Unreal C++ code and Unreal Blueprints

  • Generally worked towards improving the games systems and eliminating bugs

The titular friends from the game

Potion in use next to seeds

Potion in use next to crops

Valkyrie Quest

August 2020 - February 2021

Audio and Gameplay Programmer

A 3D action combat game where you fight your way to the top of the mountain.

I implemented Wwise into our Unreal project and worked with our audio designer to get her audio into the game and function the way she wanted, and have the gameplay interactions she was hoping for. I also communicated and worked closely with designers to create a tree fall mechanic that they could easily use.

Main Contributions:

  • Implemented Wwise into the game and communicated with our sound designer to assist her with that process

  • Worked closely with designers to implement the "knock a tree over" gameplay mechanic

The start of the game, providing a view

A combat encounter

Navigating over a fallen tree

error ID

August 2019 - April 2020

Graphics Programmer and Producer

An autorunning 2D platformer where you rollerskate down a hill, jumping over and ducking under obstacles as you make your way to the bottom.

I created a particle system that handled many individual particles and had a rudimentary editor for designers and artists to use, and I also created the input system that the game uses. In this project I did a lot of cross discipline communication, working closely with the art lead and design lead, as I served as the producer on the team.

Main Contributions:

  • Implemented an Input system with ability to do multiple button bindings and multiple different control methods easily

  • Implemented Particle system and editor and worked closely with an artist to get what she wanted from it

  • Managed the team

Mid hover jump

Approaching a checkpoint

Approaching the level end